Tuesday, June 9

Make It Bounce

Oh, hey there! Am I:

A) Living out my dream life as a carnival's "trampoline ride" attendant?
B) Trying and failing at a Cirque de Soleil class I bought on Groupon four years back and finally used?
C) Exercising?

Answer: C! Believe it, guys. I actually tramp tramp tramp on the regular -- it's a horrifically difficult exercise wrapped in a birthday party of a concept -- but for more on how I lost weight by pretending I was trapped inside a bounce house, you'll have to bop your own self over to Racked.

Kung Pow Chicken

Some days, my job requires filling my bloodstream with coffee, holing up on the couch and only breaking for bathroom trips while plunking out an endlessly long story. And, on other days, I do Jake Gyllenhaal's boxing workout and (barely) live to tell about it.

If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to Superman an incredibly strong trainer, or hang out with the guy who makes Hugh Jackman strong, or jump rope until you nearly vomit, well then hey, you're in the right place! Drop by Racked to read why all the hot models are throwing on gloves to beat bags senseless, and why I fell for it, too.



Click here to read!

Tuesday, May 19


In Japan, eating everything matcha flavored and uni slathered that I can find. Will be back in the states at the end of May with posts, newz and links to all the stories I miraculously churned out between my wedding and honeymoon. Until then, I'll be living my dream life at bunny cafes and plotting how to work for a Japanese company ASAP.

<3 <3 <3

Monday, April 20

Makeup For Days (and days and days and days)

Last week, I tried out Rouge NY’s monthly makeup membership for Racked New York. Spoiler alert: they made me look like a lady!

Get it on ny.racked.com.

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