Tuesday, July 7

How To Get French Beauty Products On The Cheap — Without Befriending That Annoying Girl From College Who Moved To Paris

Does this sound like a hoax? Yes.
Does this image look like a scam because it's next to a Jeep ad on a white screen which is always how linkbait pops up? Yes.
Does this headline sound too good to be true? Yes.

But you know what? It's real, baby! (Seriously.) I know because I wrote it!

Meet Shop and Box, the overseas retailer that matches stylish people in countries around the world with people who want to buy shoes, makeup, hair goop and even bodega snacks in each of 'em.

Does this mean I didn't need to spend my entire honeymoon stressing about what 7-11 chocolate bars to bring home for people? Yes.
Did I spend, like, a full day finding weird flavors of KitKats in Tokyo because I don't speak the language? Yes.
Should I have instead hired someone thru this magical service to do it? Uh, yes.
Will I be using them to ship me a thousand goodies? A thousand times yes!

Check out this massive game changer -- and why it's the coolest website you've never heard of -- right now on Racked.

305 Alive!

It's here again! My monthly installation in the "me pretending to look fit around people who are extremely fit" series, and this one is my favorite by far:

I mean, our photographer is clearly incredible. She made me look like I can twerk!

Going to 305's class is like what it must have been like going to the first-ever Zumba class, or dropping in on a new thing called TaeBo before it exploded nationwide. I would bet all of my chips (both gambling and sour cream + onion and french fried) on them being the next big big big big thing. Seriously — and here's why.

Want to know more about this amazing and insane new dance class? Give your fingers a warmup and type 'em right on over to Racked.


Seriously guys, I am letting you in on a massive secret that has led me to the dingiest subway station as my destination more than once.


Now are you on board?!

Read alllllllllll the details over on Racked NY.

Said The News-Editorial Journalism Major

Welp, here goes any chance of telling people they could read my work in the newspaper...

Read all about my thoughts on The New York Times wedding announcements, and why I couldn't make myself hit the "send" button on my application over on Racked.

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