Thursday, July 23

Oops, I Accidentally Became Obsessed With Disney

There are many things in life that you simply throw your arms up in the air and say "hell if I know!" to. Falling in love with your boss. Your sibling becoming crazy-religious out of nowhere. The hottest guy in school, somehow, being the first one to go bald and look like a tired overweight dad. For me, it's been one thing in particular: my new accidental love for Disney.

It makes no sense, but for some reason, I've become totally, unexpectedly, insanely obsessed with Disney as a full-grown, married, professional adult. A year ago I could care less; now, it's all I read about, talk about, text about and dream about.

I get asked "How?" and "Why?" and "LOL, you're just doing this as a joke, right?" so often that my half-hour-long response prompted one of my editors to help make sure I get my answer out there. Did you know you can ride Space Mountain at 3am, surrounded by empty cars? Did you know that EPCOT is basically a blown-up version of my favorite college drinking game? Did you know they have Grey Goose slushies in the Paris portion of the park, Dole Whip ice cream rum floats in others, and enough Mickey-shaped pretzels to put you in the hospital for dehydration?! It's all a dream, it's an eat-a-thon and it's the only vacation destination I look forward to.

So, here's the full story as to how I got in too deep, why I'll have visited five parks in one year, and why this is all too real, over on Racked.

(And yes, I will totally go to WDW with you if you want me to.)

Monday, July 20


I know you assume a honeymoon spent in Tokyo would consist of force-feeding each other slices of raw salmon like The Lady & The Tramp splitting a bowl of pasta, but the truth is, there's so much more than nibbles of fish to be had. And no, I'm not talking about the gyoza (!) or the coffee (!) or even the Japanese breakfasts (!!) — I'm talking about the muesli.

Yes. The muesli.

Truth be told, it's a whole thing and it involves fashionable New Yorkers, a favorite website and even a bit of a last-minute-hungover chef breakfast. Oh, and the best muesli on the god damn planet that will make you want to rush to the Park Hyatt Tokyo straight from the plane, and not just for Sofia Coppola vibes.

Check it out over on Travel + Leisure!

Sunday, July 19


Chicago 'til Wednesday, San Francisco 'til Saturday, Los Angeles 'til the following Wednesday.

Keep up with my travels nuanced binge eating over on Instagram!

Tuesday, July 14


I spent my entire childhood Steve Hale-ing peoples' houses. You know, just like Steve on Full House, I'd roll up (via my mom's Jeep Cherokee) say hello and immediately proceed to the fridge, gnawing on whatever each friends' house variety of cheese was. My pal Reba introduced me to the world of Babybel, while Darla's mom had this treasure chest of braided white cheese, which was off-limits unless she served it to us personally. It was *delicioso*.

Since I've moved to New York and people's refrigerators have become, well, boring as fuck, I've turned to obsessing over snapshots of home life. I always think my ideal job would be diving into people's closets and touching and photographing everything, until I realize that, no, I would just accidentally wind up begging them for everything and awkwardly leave with a weird t-shirt they got from a 5K in 2012 as a pity parting gift. Essentially: I love going through peoples' beloved items so much, I can't go near it.

So, I'm glad the cool folks over at The Strategy are holding down that front, with their mix of style snaps and personal Q&As, which I'm honored to say I'm now a part of! And, can I just say, I am ~so~ honored to be among a crew of people that are this dope.

Hop on over to The Strategy to take a peek inside my closet, my brain and my toy chest!

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