Monday, April 20

Makeup For Days (and days and days and days)

Last week, I tried out Rouge NY’s monthly makeup membership for Racked New York. Spoiler alert: they made me look like a lady!

Get it on

Thursday, April 16


I studied a lot in school because I was told to, even though I definitively had no academic future. I mean, you go to class *knowing* you won't become a surgeon, but you don't wanna screw future-you over just in case, right?

Well, clearly, I should have been a little less worried because my future has no textbook knowledge in it whatsoever. Now, all of my favorite gigs involve me shouting my thoughts and feelings from the rooftop — and today, I get to do it from the adorable shoe mill that ASOS has become!

Check out my many thoughts on shiny flats, skyscraper-high heels and superb oxfords in the video above for Racked. And, I mean, c'mon, how good are those flats?!

Why We Can't Have Nice Things Podcast: Episode 16

How do I love Anna Callegari? Let me count the ways. There's the way she split a dress open at a wedding. There's the inside info on what it was like majoring in voice, mastering an Australian accent and Joan Rivers' apartment. (And, when that's not enough, there's the Friends binge-watching she's keen to comment on.)

This actress and comedian gave Why We Can't Have Nice Things the low down dirty on being a profesh actress, from Masterchef Junior intel to the celebrity names she peeks on casting sign-in sheets. She's full of gems, and well, if you listen, you'll get to hear the rest of them (!)

Check it out above, on the site and in the iTunes Podcast store! <3

And I Am A Material Grrl

Hey, look!
It's that dum-dum standing silently for the first time ever!

The cool doods behind Material Wrld came by a couple weeks ago to peep my closet, ask me some major style Q's, and chit-chat about life in New York City.

Drop by their site to see the first installment of their Seller Spotlight series!

Check it out here.

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