Sunday, September 18

Fun Factaroonie


If you bring six old MAC products into one of their stores, you can exchange them for a lipstick, lipglass* or eyeshadow for free. You may have to publicly relive that yes, you are in fact the owner of three different shades of teal eyeshadow, but you'll walk away with two shadows your mom will likely guilt you into handing over and a lipgloss you swear you'll actually use this time.

Their Back 2 Mac program also works at department store counters, but you can only get a lipstick and they're kind of snooty about it, so hold out for the big time.

*typing that out feels like having to order the Rooty Tooty Fresh n' Frooty by name, which we all know is the most embarrasing part of ordering enough food for three people for yourself

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