Sunday, September 18

Sunday Afternoon Fever


I left the midday marathon of Four Weddings my uterus had sucked me into to meet up with my pal Jes at the Hester Street Fair, which was having some sort of Uniqlo Stylist event. Which....basically meant no one walked in the Uniqlo tent and everyone who came out was looking for used designer deals, leaving the wackadoo stuff to people like us who consider knit animal sweaters, silk patterned blouses, floral hammer pants and "squint-and-it-kind-of-looks-like-Alexander-Wang" bunt orange *suede jackets to be total finds.

I went to the ATM twice within twenty minutes and blew more cash than I would have on a trip to vegas and a night at the tiki bar combined, but at least if I'm going to live in the poorhouse, i'll be the classiest hobo in the joint.

*I wrote this on my phone, and it auto corrected suede to be "sedentary". Fitting.

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