Thursday, October 13

Guinea Pig Hunting.

Officially embarking on a pirate and toy jewelry escapade, fueled by my boyfriend strongly suggesting I start making money off my brain juice. Or, from him giving me a look every time someone compliments my Toys-R-Us-seeming sticky fingers and asks where they can get some of those toy rings and things. (Fingers sticky from a fruit leather addiction, not thievery, I assure you.)

After some solid glue plopping, pushing, smoothing and arranging, the prototypes came They just came out kind of mmeeehhhhhhh. I'll be in (real) business once I get my mitts on some new materials and a couple other things, but if you're the type of person who has purchased a casette in the past year, can't resist giving VHSs tapes of the shitty shows you'd watch when home sick as a kid and is interested in wearing a prototype as a test to see how long the glue lasts and if it falls off (working on a few different methods), hit it up, and you can carry your new best friend on your non-dominant hand's phalanges. Give him a name, don't forget to give him air, and be careful of their plastic swords. They may induce ship robberies. And fun.

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