Friday, October 7

Is That An Autumnal Equinox In Your Crotch, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Took to the streets of Silverlake yesterday afternoon with a Yelp-bookmarked map of all vintage stores within a two-mile radius, and pounded more pavement and wheezed my way up more hilly roads than I ever could have planned. My pal Morgan from Shareen insisted I stop by Painted Bird, where I ended up finding a pair of Moschino standing pants — as in, i will comically split them open like a children's cartoon if I try to sit down in them — and skeleton earrings that i've been dreaming of owning for upwards of 15 years, ever since reading about a character in Babysitter's Club wearing them on the regular. (Claudia Kishi, you are my godsend.)

Other highlights include getting totally lost (not), going into an outdoor jungle garden dressing room (pictured above), trying on men's sweatshirts that i forced myself to leave behind (I swear, there's a midwestern church mom in me somewhere) and snacking on these like a boy scout on a hiking trip all afternoon long. on today's agenda: brunch, coffee, taking a shower in my friend's electrical current-fused bathroom (not kidding), and finding more pointless doodads to stuff into my suitcase. here goes.

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