Monday, October 10

My Best Friend's Place

There are always those little things about a close friend's place that instantly make you feel like you're at home, and spending a couple days at my college roommate's impeccably decorated Silverlake pad was just that. Only, this time, instead of glass vases left unattended with wilted roses and a signature musty scent emanating from an open closet filled with debatable Goodwill finds, there were piles of beach rocks and jars of seagull bones and clearly not much has changed so let's just forget that and move on.

Skeletons aside, the girl's always had a way with arranging objects that make them look perfect and completely effortless, like all those photos you see on design blogs, only come to life. i don't know if there was some Good Housekeeping gene that only select girls got passed down to them around the time people were making log-shaped roll cakes and serving punches and roasting hams with pineapple rings on the sides, but all i know is that not only did i not inherit it, i probably couldn't figure out how to cut up a pineapple to save my life. '60s party and orange sherbet punch dreams: I bid you adieu.

Now, if only I could figure out a way to make my leaning tower of magazine clippings and bills look more like this than a legal office, i'd be ready to go. and, well, could work at my desk for the first time in a month. that, too.

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