Tuesday, October 4

Silver Multi-Wear

While shopping for loungewear last week (which was obviously pointless, because I'm never going to wear lingerie because the when-to-put-it-on process makes no sense to me), I saw this rad silverwear hook display at Anthropologie in that section with all the pretty bowls that make you want to move into a cottage and be a spinster for the rest of your days.

It's totally the type of thing you try to do at home and it never looks as good but all your friends say it looks nice because they know you spent so much time on it, but I have a feeling if you fill your walls with wheels of cheese bordering homemade decor, even popsicle stick murals with fuzzball pom-pons and googley eyes will look bombdiggity. Or, could at least serve as a halfway house for the mice who will be sticking around to get their fermented dairy fix.

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