Tuesday, November 22

Adult Entertainment.

I've become newly obsessed with the idea of trying to be an adult. I'm making "schedules", I'm using kettleballs, i'm preparing to shop at Lululemon, i'm drinking wine, and i even made meals for the week last sunday night. After floundering for months in baggy freelance writer's uniforms and throwing my hair into a dirty bun and covering my boyfriend's apartment in a thin layer of my freelance filth*, im finally ready to man - er lady - up, and for some reason, the $16 i spent on a creamer and a sugar bowl at Anthropologie seem to support this notion that I can actually kick it into high speed.

Now, I'm nowhere near having all my shit together, as I kind of bull-in-a-china-shop-ped a stack of teacups at the store that two better-dressed, better-mannered salespeople had to help me clean up while purchasing said adulthood, but hey! If i buy it, it will come. Like The Secret, just with more needless consumption and well-decorated ceramics.

*(receipts, wrappers, notes, crumpled dollar bills, lip glosses and the occasional strand of wavy hair that comes with moving constantly and changing purses three times a day)

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