Monday, November 14

Best Roast

With a fucking crazy week ahead of me - foul language necessary, as every day is booked in for 16 hour spans - I thought it would be a bright idea to make food that would last for the next few days. You know, instead of sucking from the Seamless teet and blowing another $17 on steamed veggies, seaweed and rice at the natural restaurant.

After three grocery stores, four hours and countless Ziplock plastc containers I over-thought rinsing out for first time use, I cooked myself silly. And I mean silly, because the carbon monoxide detector went off repeatedly while I was eating brownie batter off of a spoon dipped in frozen yogurt - how else would you expect me to go out? - and the dizzies set in, forcing me to abort the last course of my proud, responsible week-long meal that took all night to prepare.

Aside from the fact that this might be my final post if I get silently gassed tonight (how jewwy of me, I know) I learned how to peel and chop and roast a butternut squash! And I made a salad with endive! And with fennel! I chopped endive and fennel! And i made farro! The long kind! And learned how to get perfect little cauliflower trees from a big old head of cauliflower!

It's amazing what you can find on the Internet when you're not using it for porn.

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