Wednesday, November 2

Just Can't Get Enough.

A short little look at things I'm obsessed with or keep swirling through my mind when i should be focusing on what people are saying directly to my face as I'm talking with them:

Susie Bubble's hamburger ring. I saw it online a couple years ago while in college and crazy poor and got confused with all the yen conversion, but now I'm an adult and can handle numbers and did all the confusing foreign online store shopping for you.

It's for sale here.
It's $241.

Join me in admiring from afar and dreaming of all the holes you can punch through hundreds of sacks of White Castle burgs for those big bucks.

Gillman got my cross-country shipment of goodies!

I sent this to my boyfriend as an apology for always choosing the shittiest places after having MTV Boiling Points-level bad service at Argo Tea, but still can't stop looking at it. It's like a black hole of confusing cuteness.

super duper burger

My love for Blushing Ambition has been taken to a whole new level with my imminent trip to San Francisco. The only things on my Google Map are vintage stores, brunch spots, and one sad, lonely gym that will most definitely never be seen. Suggestions welcome.

Forget Hype Machine, Rookie's Friday playlists have been killing it. Try listening to "1, 2 Step" without both feeling like you're back in high school and dancing like a freakfest in front of your closet mirror. Try it. Tryyyy ittttt.

I've been eating a variation of the same red onion, scallion, heirloom tomato, chicken and cilantro egg white scramble every day since schlepping produce back from the farmers market last Saturday.

Speaking of, is it morally wrong to eat chicken and eggs together? Is that why they're not usually served together on brunch menus? Part of me feels like it's horrible terrible, but I've been getting so high from protein overdose that I'll just beat my chest like a King Kong superhuman king of the food chain until the off chance that a mob of chickens kills me in my sleep actually comes through.

I CANNOT STOP WATCHING SISTER WIVES. I thought I had reached a new middle-aged mother low when I was hooked on Dance Moms, but nononononono. Nothing happens in these episodes so you kind of have to watch three or four to get your fill of polygamy fun, but the jealousy! The piles upon piles of children! The confusion at how they afford everything! The cute new wife! It's so good that I don't even want to link to the website in case anything else in the second season is ruined for me, even though this photo is horrifically dorky and needs to be replaced. So good!

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MeghanSara said...

Oh my god I love Sister Wives! It's so incredibly awkward, but I'm a total voyeur and I love reality television. Maybe that's why I love reading blogs as well?

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