Wednesday, November 16

Release Day

I wonder if when I'm a Lululemon-clad suburban yoga mom and my kids ask me what I did in my 20s and I respond "talked to strangers about bro rape and had them rap for me in an empty hotel room", they'll think I was some sort of young prostitute instead of a freelance writer. O bviously, I'd never be able to master the profession's tertiary skills — avoiding front desk staff, remembering to dry clean things, not getting murdered while on the job — let alone the regular duties (I injure easily) but regardless of what those perfect little future goo-balls think, it'll be the truth, and I'll have the age old moving pictures to prove it.

Donald Glover, better known as the Bert to Abed's Ernie on Community, chatted with me about his recent trek from comedy into hip-hop with his new record Camp, and spilled the beans about what writer from his SNL days could also have a budding crossover career. Drake, on the other hand, went lyric-by-lyric on the one track that didn't leak off of Take Care last week, which is quickly gunning to take home the "best album of 2011" cake for most of us, including this kid.

Take a lookinoonie:

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