Tuesday, November 15

Seal of Approval: Empire Ants

So, here's the thing. I don't often command that people listen to things, despite often putting my blood, sweat, tears and cooking skills into it (not necessarily in that order.) But, in the case of Young The Giant's session at MTV Unplugged, the boys fucking knocked it out of the park. (Or, whatever else people say when shit happens at baseball games that makes beers slosh out the top of cups.)

You know when you witness something really special and it's this like confusey, goosebumpy thing? Like, exciting and weird like a cute guy actually asking you to dance at a junior high soiree? That's what happened with this. So perfect, even my neurons couldn't figure out what was up. I don't want to go as far as to say history was made, but considering the original by Gorillaz is a waste of time compared to this cover and I listened to it on repeat for four days until the boys' version came out, well, this one might be worth watching.

Lazy bones who feel like cutting out early - fast forward to 3:07 and wait for the internet ghosts to whisper "told you soooooo" gently into your ear while you watch it on repeat until the end of the day.

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