Thursday, November 10

Thin Drizzy

I spent last Friday night in a hotel room waiting for Drake.

After staving off hunger with a mini-dinner of cocktail peanuts and coffee caramels and lying awkwardly in a queen sized bed surrounded by photo equipment and two quasi-strangers working crew, we eventually chatted with him about his new album, the night Stevie Wonder came to the studio, what parts of fame he struggles with, a breakdown of lyrics on "The Ride" and got him to say he liked to eat brisket at holiday dinner.

This is the first and quite possibly the last time that something I worked on ended up on every popular hip-hop blog across town on the same day I went to the drugstore looking for ivory-colored tinted moisturizer, so let's all have at it and cherish this moment in time.

The full interview will be up next week, but until then, here's a couplea sneak peeks:

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fourththing said...

Aww, video not available in your region.

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