Sunday, November 6

Things I Thought About While Watching The Ides Of March

Evan Rachael Wood (who I almost called Rachael Leigh Cook and who I almost wish was Rachel Leigh Cook) is legit homely in fluorescent lighting. Daytime office scene? Trashy. Up close at a bar? Hot. Far away? Terrifyingly over-tweezed eyebrows usually only seen at the mall. Up close? Pretty, bouncy curls! It's a lighting game and we're just the pawns. Also, I totally bet Rachael Leigh Cook is a mom of two in somewhere like Southern California who walks around in yoga pants all day and exclusively shops at Whole Foods. Oh my god, just checked Wikipedia and I am so fucking right. Not surprised at all.

Ryan Gosling has two different shaped eyes, and I still don't find him that attractive. I think it's that his voice is too camp counselor-like. I feel like he's always about to scold me.

If George Clooney was just a guy named George living in a small suburb outside Detroit instead of a celebrity, his movie wife would totally be the exact level of woman he could get.

Isn't it weird that they'd put two interns in a room together at a motel? Is that normal?

I so badly wanted that young, dark-haired intern aide to be the guy who played Sam Weir on Freaks and Geeks but no matter how much squinting i did, it was never gonna happen.

Who are these men who wear black suits and do security and are SUV drivers? Is there a security hierarchy among them? Like, are they all judgy and rude when they go to a hockey game or a concert and see event or concert security dudes and get all "don't fuck with me, I do what you do with a three-piece suit on"?

Fact: as someone who was never cast as a lead in a musical, nothing good can come from a three-person meeting inside a school's empty chorus room.

Men's shoes: so shiny!

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