Tuesday, December 13

Family She-he-nanigans

If every cloud has a silver lining, the shiny exterior to my brother's ridiculous travels back and forth throughout the country for med school interviews is that he's popping into New York three times in the next month with the only goal of celebrating like crazy afterwards.

Between ordering half the menu at Peels, drinking at a random east village sports bar, having incomprehensible cocktails at Angel's Share (the best New York cocktail bar I've been to, hands down), and eating enough for eight and paying a price for two at Village Yokocho, we had checked most things off the let's-live-life-outside-of-lab-coats to do list last Saturday even before the next day's adventures.

Warm weather and a bacon cheeseburger breakfast at The Little Owl paired with trekking around the West Village and the lower parts of Manhattan on foot all afternoon made me remember that Sundays are so much more than dish-cleaning afternoons and lazy trips across town to return sweaters at Anthropologie you knew you'd buy and end up returning anyway. They're for eating and immediately spitting out Swedish licorice candies on rooftops and wandering into tchotchke stores you've never noticed before and trying on goofy glasses you'll either end the year with none of or a five-pair variety of.

As for that last stop at the Warby Parker Pop-Up — i've been avoiding falling in love with these Suno frames, as my time wearing John Lennon-shaped frames should really cease along with the Bat Mitzvahs I was given them at, but I think I'm going to have to shell out for them so I can look like a '70s circus freak all summer long.

Did I mention they're the most expensive thing Warby Parker sells? How surprising. At least it's a small price to pay to be able to say "you jive?" and not look like a complete fool while doing so.

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