Friday, December 2

Stop The Haight

My family and I headed to Haight-Ashbury straight out the gate after landing in California, which in Wiselian terms meant we stuffed ourselves with eggs before schlepping through a long day of vintage shopping and killing time before dinner.

I'm surprised by how vintage-y the vintage stores in San Francisco were, with all items arranged by decade, style and purpose like a mini-archive you can buy and take home and likely not fit in if you have a waist that's larger than size 26. Still, though, the upside of not having to pick through an endless rack of disorganized blouses is being able to enjoy the beauty of a 1930's party dress or '70s party jumpsuit without having to question if it's doable before realizing it's dated is remarkable.

I wound up buying a green fur from La Rosa Vintage, which is one of those classy shops that makes you feel like you're time-traveling and could also pull off a cummerbund somehow even though you're a lady. The saleswoman told me that some kooky old lady custom-made it years back, which makes me easily love it three times more, like some sort of mint-colored mink sisterhood I've somehow just bought into. In fact, I ended up buying two coats that afternoon — the phenomenon dubbed The Wisel Cloud, named after our uncanny ability to have shitty shit shit weather whenever we're on vacation, was fully in place — but considering the pockets were stuffed with Kleenex 'til the day we left from how sneezily frigid it was, I'm thankful we made this place our first stop.

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MeghanSara said...

Found your blog through your Hairpin article! Wow! I love it!

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