Thursday, December 15

Things I Ate That Will Probably Kill Me: Country Fried Bacon at Joseph Leonard

For someone wearing a jumpsuit at the time so flimsy it felt like tissue paper tied together with rope, I still can't believe it was my idea to order this, but something about it being served with honey and tabasco and still being a breakfast food was promising. It wound up being a little too indulgent — like when you'd eat Reese's Puffs cereal and that tiny voice in your head would go "maybe this isn't such a good idea..." — but if you're going to feel residual guilt about any of the breakfast meats, bacon is obviously the best to go with, most especially if Joseph Leonard happens to be deep frying it and covering it in sugar syrup.

Also my idea: going to Sockerbit before sitting down to get a quarter pound of jelly and white chocolate drenched candies. If there's a race towards obesity, I'm definitely one of the frontrunners.

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