Friday, December 16

A Week Of Wares: Trial And Terror

After, oh, three months of throwing on whatever clothes I can find before having to speed walk out the door (seriously, there's grunting, Metro Card losing and flailing hands on the regular), I'm finally starting to dress the way I want to dress. Or, rather, would dress if I had legitimate time in my day to pick out an outfit.

I've begun passing by the items I live in and already know go together and have been wearing things simply because I feel like it. And, simultaneously, stopping the never-ending worry about how many times i'll be scoffed at for wearing knee socks, the jumpsuit i got in Spain that took two years to grow enough balls to wear or even the shearling coat that kind of makes me look like a Michelin Man, a shepherd and a pre-fried doughnut combined.

I'm not exactly sure where this newfound confidence came from, but considering having a love for fur coats and a disdain for people staring at you don't always go hand-in-hand, I'm not going to question it.

And, while we're ignoring things, let's just forget that I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods in Lululemon pants this weekend. New low, people. New low.

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