Thursday, December 8

Wine oh Wine oh Wine

My whole family went up to Napa for my mom's birthday while on the West Coast pre-Thanksgiving, which pretty much turned into a ridiculous mix of sneaking crackers with my mom inside tasting rooms so we didn't pass out, drunkenly figuring out how to ship back expensive glass bottles filled with liquid and eating so much cheese that i was sick for four days. (Sadly, not kidding.)

We found out after downing chocolate shots filled with dessert wine at 10:45 in the morning that the best way to get twice as much wine as promised on a seven hour tour is to have a fifty-something year old woman casually mention how happy she is to spend her birthday with her family, and then bottoms up so that your glass is empty yet again as quickly as possible.

I never thought i'd disembark from the vodka-soda-and-whiskey-rocks-express train, but from the bottles I've drank since i've been back and the fact that it's classier to drink a riesling than a Capri-Sun at dinnertime, this might have to become a habit. and, judging from my recent $227 Astor Wines bill, i think it already has.

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