Tuesday, January 31

Imbibe and Inspire and Interview

I sat down a few months back to have a chit-chat with Imbibe & Inspire, which is basically like a Behind The Music for people who consider eating a hobby instead of a survival technique. We drank whiskey, talked about things I do during traditional work hours and discussed my overly honest and deep-seeded hate for all things "blogworthy." I'm surprisingly articulate for how buzzed I am on Jacky Daniels, but considering my hair kind of looks like a cheap wig and I talk out of the side of my mouth, I think I break even in the presentation department. (Really pushing my agenda of self-confidence here, right?) The site's got a bunch of interviews with people who are much cooler than me, like this guy and this guy and this girl (who happens to be a food-loving friend of mine), but in case you're interested in my philosophy towards eating, check it out.

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