Thursday, January 26


Things that bite: babies, gators, that spider that would have already been dead if only you didn't run out of hairspray this morning. Lucky for you, my orthodontically perfected teeth only know to gnaw on digestible food items like sawdust cookies and seed butters, so your skin is safe around me. And, since you've got nothin' to fear from my sad sack self, so why not saddle up a little closer?

I'm on the internet so much I have special eyedrops to keep my little orbs from drying up and rolling away, which means it's time for you to reap the benefit of it. Get a hold of me in one of these too-too-many ways:

be my fwiend on El Facebook
curl up inside my brain on Twitter
keep me in your blogging thoughts and dreams on Tumblroo
oversaturate yourself with Instagram

see you round the other parts.

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