Monday, January 9

The Mental Process I'm Convinced My Mother Went Through When Planning My Reaction To The Care Package I Just Received*

"See, when she gets this she'll be all, awww! cute sugar cookie! And it's of a taxicab so she'll love it because it's New York and won't even notice that there's an icing Christmas tree on top and it's the second week of January and I bought this food item on sale"

"chocolate chip biscottis with shosehetiwo3i2n5n5l2nrqofadgsew26.w....."
(I have no idea what that handwriting says.)

"WE ARE YOUR FAMILY AND WE LOOOOVE YOU and I sent you COOOKIESSS so you can't bitch at me about sending you a tin of your familyyy from my birthhhhhhday!!! Remember my birthday? In Napa? The happiest day of my life because I was with you kids??** I filled it with cookies and wrapped chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin separately because I LOVE YOU! Now put them in the freezer so they don't go bad. And remember to call me every time you look at your family tin. We're watching over you. Ha! ha! Just kidding. But don't do anything bad because I will find out about it! I always do!!!"

*please don't stop sending cookies. or disown me.
** I later found out this actually was her justification for sending me a face tin of my family.

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Anonymous said...

Oy Yeah, I have earned the right to blog war you, right? Ok there is a method behind the madness:
1) the yellow taxi cookie was right on yes I thought oh cute, New York Taxi's, 1 for Carlye and 1 for Ben, so far, so good, but I did buy them at a bakery at full price and froze them until I would hand carry them to give to you when I saw you...
2) the scracthed our plastic ziploc bag was a recycled bag that i had used to bake my oatmeal/chocolate chip cookie bag, reused the bag for cookies, so kill me....
3) the tin was purchased only when they offer it at Christmas time and took 2 week to receive it, it was full price, (i bought one for me too),and yes you are correct, it was to remember that very special day for me on spending my birthday in napa with my drunk children, because we were all having a great time and look, we are all smiling! Love you! Mom

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