Friday, February 10

Chameleon Green

(Comme de Garcon wallet, Essie in Navigate Her)

The wallet of my technicolor dreams, and a manicure that finally proved to me that the difference between sitting in kill-yourself silence and having a good time while being a lady is a good friend.

To be truthful, I've never quite understood the whole hubbub about Comme De Garcon (i refuse to Google you, little swirly c), but this wallet is even better than I could have imagined. I keep staring at it on my desk and waving it under the lamp to see it go from yellow to green to blue and back again, which pretty much makes the ability to accssorize the only difference between me and a chew toy-obsessed cat.

I've successfully kept just enough contents in it where it still zips shut, which is a big deal considering my past wallets were a cloth bag, a giant hamburger that didn't close and a dirty pouch that looks like a taco that slowly turned the color of sewage months before I stopped using it. I still think it looks a teensy bit "Claire's Accessories-y" but considering I got the evil eye from an FIT student last week, I'm just gonna roll with it.

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