Saturday, February 18

Cotton Candy Wishes and Carnival Dreams

Been waiting too many moons to purchase this Mike Sinclair print, and it finally went on bargain basement sale a couple weeks back for $13. Thirteen buckaroonies! I spent more at Citarella when i picked up vegetables for post-second-lunch/pre-first-dinner snacks. I think I'm spending too much money on food. Anyway, you can take the carnival-obsessed preteen out of the tacky glory of Wisconsin Dells, but you can never take the trash pit of Wisconsin Dells out of the girl. Or something like that. All I know is, any town that houses both family-style lumberjack breakfast, homemade saltwater taffy, the largest water slides in the country and more memories of my childhood than the town I grew up in is somewhere that will forever be vastly important to me.

I'll just be sure that when I get lost in this photo, I end up gazing at the Gravitron and not the plum pack of white trash front and center.

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