Monday, February 13

Embarrassment Of Riches

Here is one of the greatest singers in the world, and a girl who can't stop making an ass out of herself.
Since this picture was taken three years ago, Adele's gone on to become the voice of our generation and of sadness in general, and I've somehow made a career path out of doing pretty much the exact thing I'm doing in that picture. Success all around!

Congratulations to the lady, and for my sake, let's all be glad the ol' "If you keep your face that way, it'll stay like it!"fear-mongering isn't actually true.

In case you missed it (and have nothing better to do today than to sift through tweets? I don't know, I'm tired), I live-tweeted the whole shebang for VEVO. er, @VEVO. I managed to reign in the snark (except for here, here and here), but the only thing harder than trying to hold back the 140-character thoughts pooling in your head when Nicki Minaj does whatever that hell that was onstage is staying silent while L.L. Cool J leads a prayer. A prayer. Led by a man who is professionally and personally known as Ladies Love Cool James. In the frickin' Staples Center. Oh my god, I've been playing it so safe I forgot how to swear. Time to go walk past construction sites until I get my edge back.

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