Thursday, February 23

Fresh Meat

Original casting Polaroids from the new book Wild Things, penned by the man behind Confessions of A Casting Director. Or, as I interpret it, a reminder than Miranda Kerr with no makeup on will look thirty times better than you after a full-fledged makeover.

Have we begun vanity eye transplants yet? Because I could really be down for a pair of ice-blue cat eyes.

Also, it goes without saying but Abbey Lee Kershaw can do no wrong. No wrong. No wrong. No wrong. I'd paste all those photos below, but my writing style is already about one hair away from being a 14-year-old's Fuck Yeah Emaciated Models With Dyed Hair Tumblr, so I'm just going to halt it with the fangirliness and let you fend for yourself. One of those easter egg links has boobs winking in it. Enjoy.

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