Wednesday, February 22

Let Me See What Spring Is Like On Jupiter And Mars.

I know I said I found my life calling when I wanted to be one of the people who drive the Wienermobile around the year after I graduated college, but even promoting cylindrical tubed meat and giving out hot dog-shaped plastic whistles couldn't compare to finding out about this bad boy this morning. A one-month simulated trip to Mars in Hawaii to taste-test astronaut food?! My credit card and I do this on our own whenever we go to a museum, so to make bank, get a free flight to Hawaii and have so many Instagram photos of me in a big ol' space suit would be living the dream, people. The dream! I've been trying to get my friends to go on an adult trip to Space Camp for, oh, three years now, and since those pussfaces have all but ignored my e-mails of years past, I would easily do this on my own, if only for this one sad, sad restriction: "Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering, biological or physical sciences, mathematics, or computer science, and they need to have professional experience." Pretty sure majoring in journalism with a concentration of "hanging up music posters around campus instead of doing my homework" makes me ineligible on both accounts. Luckily, my dear pal Mickey, otherwise known as the best human alive, happens to be an engineer, is currently in Germany doing a gaggle of jobs and just signed out of G-chat by saying "Carlye, I gotta go coach an Austrian guy on how to do an English accent!" He's a shoe-in. I really hope NASA is lenient on that "no outside communication" rule because I plan to pester the balls out of him if he's trapped in fake space all month long.

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