Tuesday, February 14

Quilly Neat.

I've been trying to adopt the mentality of cutting back on spending all my crisp cash money, but considering it's 1pm and I've already spent $200 today on everything from coffee to some weird blood orange shower scrub, I'm not doing so well. But, I've decided that if i'm gonna blow my guilty load on something, spending a hundo and a quarter on one of these puppies is beyond worth it.

Oh! I actually forgot I was writing this for another reason besides convincing myself diary-style to man up and buy one of these dope chains. (I'm pretty much surviving on coffee and computer screen glow at this point.)

I interviewed the ladies behind K/LLER Collection about their designs, the process they go through to make one of these bad boys, and what their favorite items of each others' are for this Of A Kind edition. Take a look to see badass home accessories and adorable dog photos, as well as being unable to stop yourself from purchasing a porcupine quill necklace because "you need it."Or so I think.

Also — how much do you wish Erica's Michael Jackson t-shirt and red lipstick application skills came along with it? Now that would be worth dumping out my entire wallet for.

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