Sunday, March 18

Down Low Too Slow

I wrote about Garnett Jewelry and designer Aimee Munford's color-swabbed Of A Kind ID bracelets last week, and I'd urge you to buy them, but they sold out lickety-split. Like, so quickly that lickety-split is actually the correct way to describe that tiny window of time when you could throw these cuffs on your wrist. Luckily, she has a whole bunch of other stuff for sale that's equally purdy, so if you want something to ogle that isn't Alexa Chung's legs for once (please, it can't just be me), take a looksie.

I'm really doing myself a disservice at this point considering I've missed out on both pieces I wrote about (ah-WHOOPS) but I have this bad boy slingin' on my wrist now so in a way, it all works out. I might not have a gorgeous quill hanging around my neck, but who needs beautiful things when my wristband reminds me how much of a lazy fuck I've been when I need it most? (Please ignore that I'm making excuses, and that next time I'm scooping up whatever I write up as quickly as i can dump my Amex number into an entry form.)

Also, on the topic of my favorite topic, Alexa Chung, I realized four songs into a Miike Snow show this past week that the girl next to me who looked like her was in fact my long-legged lady love. Let's just say I sized myself up to her as best i could without volunteering myself as someone she might want to get a restraining order against, and the girl's just as enviably thin as imagined. I may or may not have pretended to rummage through my purse with a bright iPhone just to sneak a peek at what her limbs looked like next to someone like me. So what! Who cares!

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