Saturday, March 31

Held Accountable

I've never been one to be considered "good with money." Frankly, I can practically hear the laughter echoing in my head of everyone who's ever tried to talk me out of buying something, helped with my taxes, explained the stock market for the fourth time, or tried to help me calculate 20% of a check without using my fingers. (I literally — literally — realized two weeks ago that the carry-the-one addition technique those math bastards taught us growing up is what you actually use to, you know, add. Incredibly embarrassing, to say the least.)

So, you can imagine when there's a thirty minute wait for brunch around the corner from a Fashion Girls for Japan charity sample sale what accidental damage can be done. I went with dreams of Pamela Love bracelets, and came out with an airplane-ready Tucker sweater coat and see through blouse that I'm pretty sure I only bought because it gave off some sort of Kate Hudson good vibes. Whether or not I'll get down to a fighting weight and be able to pull it off over a bikini top like I imagine everyone in California does, time will tell, but once the seal was broken, I ended the day with a ridiculously expensive man candle, electric blue eyeliner and so many makeup products i had no intention of coming home with.

When it rains it pours, I suppose, even though a drop never fell out of today's cloudy sky.

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