Thursday, March 15


I'm in Austin! I've been tweeting the embarrassing things from my homeland, as you can imagine, but I'm here on OFFICIAL WORK, so follow all my professional shenanigans over on VEVO's Twitter and Instagram.

And, in case that short hand title fooled ya, I'm at "South By Southwest By Bean Burritos Makin' Me Sick", because, somehow, a late-night show with free T. Bell turned out to be a BAD thing, and my nutritionist-cleansed body is wringing that tortilla out in my stomach like a towel. Pain, pain all around. Though, that's kind of what you should expect what you call your late-night dinner rat meat, I suppose.

I have 12 interviews to prepare for and only 3 that are finished, so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to gaze out the window at the pre-rain weather we all foolishly thought we avoided, and try to think of things to ask James Mercer.


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