Monday, April 2

Dollars and Cents, Pesos and Pence, All To Be Spent Here, There and Whence

While down in Austin, I took two morning hours to escape live music and take a solo walkabout adventure by swinging by the much-raved about Feathers Boutique and Laced With Romance. And, lucky me, I wound up with the souvenirs every professional on a business trip hopes to bring back: a rude t-shirt, a sweater that's one carney short of actually being an embroidered state fair and a shiny, metallic wearable hunk of earth, courtesy of my new favorite jewelry designer Adina Mills.

Happy with my finds, but still kind of bummed out that the fur-bedecked indoor robe and '80s slutaroo one-piece bathing suit didn't work out. Can only imagine how grand walking around barefoot in that stretchy onesie with a velvet coat trailing behind me and one hand up to a glass door while gazing outside would be? No? Only in the weird world inside my brain where I'm a rich white hussy who lays by the pool and doesn't get sun poisoning fifteen minutes in? Oh, the life.

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