Thursday, April 19

Mister Bojangles and Bangles For You

The ladies behind Of A Kind are putting on a sample sale the next two days, and I was lucky enough to attend last night's preview because I know BIG people in HIGH places and it's never a party until I'm there. Or, because I write for them. One of the two.

Anywho, if you're the type who has stuff like this on your calendar all afternoon, only to see Mr. Sun set and go "I could take two trains there buuuuuut....I could also go home and eat a Lean Cuisine spinach artichoke dip microwave meal on my couch!" to that I say: don't. But do tell me how those things are, because I am very curious. (Does the pita dry out in the micro? Does it taste like the pizza crust? I bet the dip is watery. Is it watery? Could it use more garlic? God, I need a microwave.)

The Roadshow (not rodeo, as my half-dyslexic mind interpreted it for no apparent reason) is less like a sample sale and more like a craft fest where all the clothes are the ones you can't usually afford in a boutique and there are no hideous felt creatures or stapler removers made out of yarn in the vicinity. It's a shopping dream. The jewelry is dope, the dresses are beautiful and, craziest of all, a ton of the designers themselves are present. You think Diane Von Furstenburg cares if you strain a tricep trying to carry a stack of nineteen wrap dresses into the postage stamp-sized dressing room? Didn't think so.

Bonus: someone's selling screened scarves with pirates on them and I got to take a fun freight elevator ride to the top. Like an amusement park!

I'm on a no-spending-no-not-even-a-little lockdown for reasons I'll soon divulge, but here's what it was like to see things through my wanting eyes. Add your own mix of fiscally responsible frowning or giddy cash flow as need be.

Can we talk about how great this ring is? Insert joke about Cold Picnic being my spirit jewelry animal here. 

That tiny Timo Weiland multicolored skirt is on some Rihanna shit, i swear. I would have tried it on if I wouldn't have gotten a shoe, my ring or both hips stuck inside of it.

Horseshoe tongs for "picking up sugar lumps", courtesy of a brand with the best jewelry look book I've ever seen.

I own this Tucker coat! Let's be twins.

That ring. That gorgeous blue ring, which natural elements and dangerous accessory dreams are made of. Thank the Chase Bank gods that the band was just a weeee bit too small, otherwise I would have been unable to take it off my hand and out of the strangers' flesh I'd eventually wind up getting it lodged in.

Look at it lying there. So beautiful, so pristine. Humming this to myself as I scroll down the page and away from its reflection for the rest of time. I will take with me the memories, but hopefully one day soon — most likely tomorrow, as I drag my ass back to make it my own — that shiny bauble as well.

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