Monday, April 23

Slow-Cooked Perfection

As someone who recently set the smoke alarm off while cooking a teeny-tiny chicken breast and still managed to undercook it, I've reached a breaking point of having all my cooking self-confidence sucked out of me by a measly skillet and a plain, pale serving of protein.

I've tried poaching slabs of chicken in water, poaching in wine, submerging in broth, cooking it on high heat then removing it and letting it sit, cooking the fuck out of it until the pan blackens over and looks like tar — the last one less of a technique and more of a confusing occurrence — but still, nothing. I've been so frustratingly lady-masculated by one serving of meat that I've even been throwing around the idea of living off a George Foreman grill and ignoring the stovetop like a least-favorite child who's turned to goth makeup and wallet chains. But, after some research, I found The Kitchn's How To section, which includes two recipes that have changed my lunchtime life — How To Cook Moist and Tender Chicken Breasts Every Time and How To Cook Brown Rice.

Granted, each method takes longer than Rice-a-Roni and their "Seriously, do NOT open the lid!!" instructions are threatening and oh so clearly directed at incompetent ninnys like me, but voila!

Chicken that's not dried out like piece of jerky, and rice that's no longer terrible! Looks like that whole "skipping over mastering the basics and going straight towards cakes and pies and eating frosting out of the container with my fingers" problem is solved.


Diya said...

or you can get a rice cooker...easy, fill w/ rice up to a certain line, fill with water to a second line, press what kind of rice you're cooking (white, brown, some even have settings for oatmeal/etc), press "start", and in 20-40 minutes it'll be ready! Plus you can put it on at night and it will keep it warm for you overnight.

Asians do it and I'm sure my mom knows how to cook rice ;)

PS. I'm impressed with the chicken and rice! That meal sounds pretty darn good right about now.

Carlye Wisel said...

I have such a tiny kitchen so I'd LOVE a rice cooker (seriously I would kill for one), but we don't even have a cabinet to throw one in. jealous of your rice skills!

Diya said...

Oh I don't have rice skills...thus why I always get Uncle Ben's microwaveable brown rice. However my mom does have quite enviable said skills.

I guess I've been taking Texas(-sized) space for granted...

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