Tuesday, April 24

Things I Ate That Will Probably Kill Me: Lil' Frankie's Polpettine and Eggs

Breakfast! The most important meal of the day. The time when you fuel your body with the nutrition it needs to keep you going. Or, the mid-morning meal where you eat a plate of meatballs and pretend it's as good for you as a bowl of Kashi-brand fiber twigs.

Like porridge, only made of meat. And cheese. And two delicate eggs. I think I'm turning a serious corner on my neutral feelings towards Italian food, and towards eating entrees hours after sunrise. If breakfast for dinner is so beloved, why not dinner for breakfast? Considering they sell french toast sticks with maple syrup flavor "baked right in", breakfast pockets full of baby meatball ragu can't be too far behind.

Public Service Announcement of the edible variety: in case it was only on your evening-time radar, Lil' Frankie's has the most dependable brunch below 14th Street, period. There's never a wait, you can always get a table near the backyard garden and the $15.95 prix-fixe menu includes anything on the menu, plus booze and coffee. Best of all, who needs plain old toast when you can start the meal out with an order of a butter-drenched, jam-spread baguette tartine?

Good thing I gobbled that up and knew when to call it quits on the plate full of sauce and tiny balls of meat.


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