Friday, May 11

The Best Things I Read (And Saw) This Week

1. What Happens When You Serve As An Alternate Juror. A girl loses her wallet and her mind while stuck inside a government building all day, and makes you think back to that Sex and The City jury duty episode with the fruit and the giggles before the breakup (I watched them out of order, I don't recall.) Bonus: photo of pound cake! (The Hairpin)

2. 7 Minutes In Heaven with Olivia Wilde. In this installment of funnyman Mike O'Brien's goofy interviews with famous people inside a poorly-lit closet, he calls a spa to tell them about arguments he and Olivia are having, and makes me believe that pretty people can actually be pretty funny, too. (Yahoo)

3. The State Department's Official Travel Advisory For Your Mother's House. My friend-in-common-law* Karen wrote this! And it's great! The ordering of those two phrases could go either way, because even if I hated Karen I'd still love this article. Vice versa on that one too, I guess. *Is there a term for "girl who is dating my boyfriend's brother? Because this is the closest I can get to it. ( McSweeney's)

4. The Rice Paper Scissors Gals Show Off Their Yummy Style. These girls are stylish and make good food, but the big winner is that they have a thing called Muumuu Wednesdays? Where all of their friends and people they want to have playdates with come by before work and hang out? And sip coffee? And do it all in big baggy dresses?? Can we start this here? Like, right now? So I can stop using question marks? Please? (Refinery29)

5. Fresh Air Remembers Maurice Sendak. The only non-image-based memory you'll need to have of the man and legendary creative. If I wasn't scared of needles, I'd get this tiny story tattooed on my side. (Heart Explosion)

6. Munchies: Christina Tosi. Jello shots that look like oranges slices, kimchee bloody marys in a van, dessert for breakfast — this ain't your family road trip. Nothing like watching the brain behind Momofuku Milk Bar and her squad of ladies go to Dairy Queen in the morning hours and order two more toppings in a Blizzard than you'd have balls to ask for. I've had some pretty end-all sleepovers with massive amounts of eating, and i've never pigged out as guiltlessly as these broads have. Kimchee and dairy in the same hour, and in the same morning, with no apologies or tummyache complaints? I admire how weird her brain is and how normal she makes this world of mini-golf, pastrami croissants on the beach and fried chicken fingers instead of cereal seem. (Vice)

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