Thursday, May 3

Oh, Mexico.

A couple of weeks ago, I ate too many doughnuts and got a tummyache. I also went to Five Leaves twenty minutes too late and was refused eggs. I also saw the aghast look in strangers' eyes when they gazed upon my pale body, a frightening look that I hadn't witnessed since last August. Oh, and I also shot a session with the wonderfully talented Jonquil right before they flew back overseas and bid us adieu.

Clearly, hanging with these cool cats was easily the highlight of that Saturday which was bookended in edible mishaps. I'm super soaker stoked that while the sugar tummyache is gone and I've grown accustomed to the terror eyes from tanner people now that I've bought a new bikini, this session will live on and on in an even more positive light, because doesn't it just sound like vacation to your ears?:

I mean, are those coconuts clanging together or what? Bring me a tiny umbrella and some oversized sunglasses because I'm about to get this tropical party started. Get another fresh dose of Jonquil over on Big Ugly Yellow Couch, and if you feel like having me DJ the rest of your afternoon, boogie on down.

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