Wednesday, June 13

Fruity Fresh and Fashion Forward

When I'm obsessed with something, it's pretty obvious. (Ahem, see below). While gathering up a list of my favorite must-read style bloggers, there was no question what four popped into my head first. From a blog that fed my stud-obsession throughout college to a gal that's an expert on both primers and pantaloons, check out the ones I cherry-picked to be featured on I Like What You're Wearing.

(You may have to sign up for the site to read it, which makes their firewall stronger than The New York Times', but hey, you made it this far and they sell nice things so why the hell not.)

Holy cow, speaking of cherries being picked, did anyone else ever play Hi Ho Cherry-O while growing up? I just had a crazy hazy flashback that makes me think there's way more buried in the rusty "childhood memories" drawer in my brainblob than I realize. I remember Pretty Pretty Princess clear as day, but this one's got splotches all over it, like those mirrors at restaurants that are meant to look like they came from an old french bistro when really they're just fake dirty and fake old and probably comes from a company that also supplies Restoration Hardware which would upset you more if you didn't kinda sorta secretly still want one. I don't even remember how to play, or why you have a basket full of cherries, or if you roll a die, but I'm too floored by the sudden rush of flashbacks to care. To forget a memory about food, who would have thought that was possible.

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