Friday, June 29

Of A Kind: Materials + Process

If you're classy like me, your boyfriend's-but-now-yours-by-proxy iPad is sitting in the kitchen, covered in a thin film of olive oil-flavored Pam sprays and serving its ultimate purpose as a Netflix machine. But, for those of you who are slumming it and don't leave your tablet permanently uncharged and hooked up to the speakers you bought for overnight camp in eighth grade so you could have Britney Spears dance parties all night long, do yourself a big-girl solid and dress your shit up with one of these snazzy mazzy bojazzy iPad cases over at Of A Kind.

Materials + Process specializes in making the type of beautiful, nice leather things that those pretty girls whose hair dries naturally straight zipping past you on a bikes tend to carry and make you highly jealous of, but look how easy it is to swing your shit through the air in style, no bike envy required! See, click and buy before poof, they're gone forever and you're forced to buy the handmade backpack I'm still dreaming of owning once i make more moolah.

Oh, and the best part of this whole story? Ends up Christine, the designer, went to the same college as I did, and the only brick-and-mortar store she's carried in is my college friend's. Small effing cornfield world.

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