Monday, June 18

Sugar and Sporty Spice And Everything Nice

If those who can't do, teach, then my little league softball record should speak for itself — Just a coincidence I was always in the far outfield? Really? — as I'll be bringing you bits about some of the best and brightest going into London 2012 over on Refinery29 this summer. First up: a ditty about Nike's new uniforms that actually make athletes faster, and some of the coolest podium outfits the world's ever laid eyes on.

More stories and chit-chats coming soon, like the triathlete who could have a legit blogging career, the trampoline champ who got his start just noodling around in the backyard and more. I'm like Bob Costas, only I don't look like a puppy and can't do all those silly vocal inflections that broadcasters do. And just like that, OHH!!, he made it in! He made it in! This has never before — can you believe it? What a show of sportsmanship and dedication. Back to Pete with the weather. Pete?

Oh well. At least a face for blogging is better than a face for radio.

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