Friday, July 13

Awkward City, Ears, Fingers, Rings and Phones

I know you've been waking up each morning wondering how you can go on without a pair of day-glo skeleton earrings and bibimbap fingerthings, so one short bout of weekend insomnia and inhaled glue fumes later, boom! The Etsy Shop hath been updated. Japanese BBQ earrings, Egg Foo Young rings, and even a big ol' bear to protect you on those quiet lonesome nights riding the train back home with a dead cell phone and heavy-lidded eyes.

You could be dressed tip to toe in everything I'd kill someone to be able to own from Acne, and rest assured, you're more likely to get comments on these food thingalings. Mostly from waitresses and strange-looking Starbucks employees really hot guys you don't have the courage to talk to. Like, so hot. Actually, considering John Stamos was mildly amused by my dinosaur iPhone case, I should probably add an"Uncle Jesse Approved!" banner to my shop. But, since anything next to his name, face or identity instantly becomes less attractive in his boiling hot shadow, I'll just keep the focus on all things plastic and childlike, not dissimilar from the pretend baby I'm three Valiums away from thinking he and I share.

Check out all the goodies right now.

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