Thursday, July 19


Oh hey, I'm still alive! Not that you'd know if I was missing, because they only talk about blonde girls that go missing on the news, but I'm here. And guess what? I'm a fucking Olympic expert*.

If you're wondering, like, what's the deal with those uniforms? Or what's the what with Kate Moss making less than $2 to be there? Or why I just left a bag of groceries sitting, melting in the kitchen while I write this? then pop on over to Refinery29's Olympics page and get your fill of fun, fashion, fencing and yours fucking truly.

But seriously, I know so much about sports now that I wore gymshoes today. FOR CASUAL PURPOSES. Poiposes. Porpoises. Are Porpoises the same as dolphins I think I need more coffee.

*If by expert you mean i know between 10 and 25 athletes' names who are competing in London and a random smattering of other knowledge, like RACEWALKING. Check back for that story tomorrow.

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