Monday, July 23

I Have So Many Thoughts About Dawson's Creek, Take 4

Though you can't see it clearly because I was too busy yelping out loud over the unbelievable '90s fashion choices in Season 2 to take a decent photo, Andie McPhee is currently wearing all of the following clothing items at the same time:

- Scarf
- Black wool coat
- Shirt
- Blue Skit
- Black Pants
- Gymshoes

Now, I know the '90s were a'weird with their butterfly clips and hair nubbins and shooshy windbreaker pants, but when did orthodox chic enter into the photo? With all that excessive tank top-over-long-sleeved-shirt layering that was going down, it was an understandably more conservative time than when American Apparels started creeping into each neighborhood, but how someone could put on pants and then put on a long skirt and then tie up their white gymshoes and not be heading to daven before that night's Shabbat dinner, I'll never know.

Double-bottomed rule of thumb: the only appropriate place to be wearing a skirt over pants with gymshoes is while shopping at a suburban TJ Maxx with two fellow orthies in tow, not to high school as a sexually active 16-year-old when you live in a mansion and have plenty of mediocre sundresses that would sell for $88 a pop in the Lower East Side nowadays.

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