Tuesday, July 31

I Have So Many Thoughts About Dawson's Creek, Take 5

Dawson's crazy artist aunt is...

Julie Bowen??!? And she looks exactly the same as she does now??? This was filmed twelve years ago, which means either she's got the best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles or she's eating only caffeine for meals and bouncing around so quickly that you can't catch a glimpse at her long enough to spot any her wrinkles.

Oh, and the best part: when they sit down for breakfast, they all wind up talking about Tom Cruise. AGAIN. I wouldn't be surprised if Scientology is the religion of the future and they're just going back in time to plant subliminal messages in the hope that we sleep in pods alongside them and wear space uniforms and, well, actually, if it's anything like Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, I might throw the puffy curls and Yiddush slang and love for challah aside for the chance to be a part of that. Finding jewelry and outfits in unexpected places like a space stay garbage pile is a house of belief I can get behind.

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