Monday, July 2

Week In Review: End O' June

1. If i forget why my jeans don't fit, just remind me that I'm casting myself in my own Food Network show called: "Three Desserts, One Girl, No Regrets." Contracts can be left for me at the Joe's Coffee near my place; just say they're for the half-awake, makeup-free girl who comes in two hours later than she should every day and always stares at the salted peanut butter cookies but never, ever buys one.

2. Recently discovered that Home Improvement is on very, very early in the morning, and I hope you use this reminder as encouragement to wake up to this lil' punim every day of your life.

3. I went to Everlane' s pop-up shop on Friday and somehow wound up stuck in the back of the store with the entire staff for a full five minutes and kind of during a makeshift staff meeting? And met the CEO? And was there for so long that he then half-jokingly offered to have me work at the store for the weekend if they needed extra help? And we exchanged numbers? And I spent so much time trapped inside the store before it opened (why was I there before it opened?) that I got to know the staff to the point where I was confused about how something was ringing up so I went in the back to ask the gal in charge instead of the human working there? Anyway, bottom line is that they make great shit for really really cheap and I want to set up all my single jewish lady friends with the CEO but he doesn't live here and you should buy a Weekender because they look pretty cool and if the t-shirt i tried on there, ordered and got delivered doesn't fit as well as the one I tried on at the store, I'll be kind of upset.

4. Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria. Review coming soon, though it might as well just be a big, gigantic GIF of the words "MEAT!" sparkling and dancing across the screen.

5. Found out I'm anemic. These are my iron pills.

6. A magically obtained reservation at PDT, where the weird drinks are great and the tiki drinks are even better. They switched up their menu and got rid of my favorite, this caramel-y Boardwalk Empire-inspired one that came with a piece of salt water taffy, but added a new one with sesame oil (crazy), an peanut buttery ants-on-a-log one with celery sticking out of it and another with Momofuku cereal milk, which brought me one step closer to relinquishing my hate towards anyone who orders and drinks a White Russian with a straight face. I'd can't remember what other dranks we ordered, but that shouldn't be a problem considering I'm Yenta'd the shit out of a potential missed connection between a friend and the phone booth doorman and we're going to head back this week. Fingers crossed this pairing yields a complimentary piece of candied ginger.

7. The last photo you want to find on your phone after spending all your paper bills at the corner bodega on eggs and cheese and pretzel sticks the night before. Worst part is, I knowing I ate all of those as well as Kraft mac, because I wrote myself a list of everything I ate while drunk, in addition to a list of "foods I wish I had right now." Peanut butter is the big star on that one.

8. Crafts! Took a bunch of product shots this morning and will be posting them tomorrow. These sushi rings will blow your mind.

9. Finally cracked open my Barefoot Contessa cookbook and pulled my Kitchenaid Mixer down from the tippy-top shelf in my teeny-tiny kitchen, and let's just say that Ina Garden really knows what the hell she's talkin' about. And hey, if I had followed the recipe closer and didn't swap out three ingredients for a bunch of mixed nuts crushed in plastic bags with a drink muddler, it might have even been better. Which, considering, seems purdy impossible.

10. Groupie status will commence October 26th.

11. Proving this sentiment more and more each day.

12. I didn't leave my apartment on Saturday except for a trip to three grocery stores, which in a way sort of makes buying this the highlight of my weekend. Also, this Jack White song has been permenantly stuck in my head since.

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