Thursday, August 16

Because, What, You Thought I Wouldn't Have So Much To Say About This?

I saw The Day After Tomorrow a few weeks ago, and while it didn't look like this (snow, so much snow), I'm halfway sure this picture could still stand on its own legs to be the end of the world as we know it.

I would try and go into a mock dialogue to try and suss out exactly how this manically bizarre meet-and-greet went, but I'm not skilled enough at making a properly formatted joke to have that happen, or to summate exactly how mute Page McConnell must have been throughout this entire ordeal, sadly enough. I do, though, know from having enough small talk with people in the realm of music and existing as a human who makes sounds that are called words that at some point, Justin Bieber had to compliment Trey on his "sick show", and in order to not be a complete asswad back, Trey would have had to compliment The Biebs. Trey Anastasio, whose songs are literally the dreams of a crack addict (don't tell me Gamehenge is anything other than some high-level children's stories with a brilliant tinge of psychosis) had to what, tell Justin that he really likes how swagged out his new album is? That his new hairdo is trying too hard and he should go back to the side-sweep? That, yeah, it's so hard to deal with screaming girl fans, totally man, you should get a lighting guy too?!?

I'm newly realizing that once you post something online it's kind of out there forever, so I won't even go into the full tirade inside my head about that tie-dye t-shirt since this site already shows up as blocked on some computers due to inappropriate content. I still can't decide if it's better or worse than a Dave Matthews Band Summer Tour '11 shirt, though my gut tells me he definitely sent his assistant out for that and a small variety of hemp necklaces prior to trekking to Long Beach. You KNOW that shit was on someone's iPhone to do list yesterday morning, and that they called their best friend while driving over there to complain about it.

But, despite goofy errands and terrible style choices, I'll leave you with this question hanging in the midsummer mugginess that's filled my bedroom airspace: do you think Bieber's guitarist was stoked to get him to a show after begging him for years just so he could hang out with the band and nerd out? Last night may have been the only highlight of spending one's adult career as the person onstage playing "Boyfriend" whom no one is looking at, and if that's how he swung the chillfest of the century,you gotta applaud that. The only time I ever really got to talk to Trey was at Madison Square Garden — at a Z100 show that Justin Bieber was headlining oddly enough — while asking him if I could babysit his daughters or send him "some records we're working over at Epic" and getting promptly turned down, so if this homie could swing a setbreak hang while Selena Gomez has to do the stand n' smile and wait for you, I applaud that brilliance.

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