Friday, October 12

Hustle On The Rocks

GIFs, GIFs, the magical fruit, the more you see, the more you toot, the more you toot, the better you feel, so glare at some GIFs and enjoy this schpeal. I chit-chattaroo'd with the designers behind FAUX/Real about their aesthetic and internet prowess for Of A Kind, and even though I dabble in covering lot of the "aaahhhrts", these doods are the first set of serious full-blown artists I've encountered in a while. Who else makes collages for fun? Or dives into the deep realms of swimming-inspired mash-up videos and centers a collection aesthetic around it? These two understand inspiration better than I probably ever will, which is why I drink cocktails I likely can't afford to purchase while they craft smirk-worthy Happy Hour-inspired martini baubles like that necklace up top. I won't get into their unbelievable gym-inspired collection, stress-induced bangle or Late For Breakfast bracelet, mostly because I did right hurr, but also because I almost spontaneously bought both at Owen early last week and can't bear to tell myself "No, No! NO!" again.

And while I now can't stop thinking about beans and how people actually thought farting out beans would make you feel better — if something's making you ill, shouldn't you not be eating it? — set your mind on boozy fancies and brand new yoohoo-lerey over at Of A Kind HQ, the only place this thang is available at.

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