Monday, August 20

ice, ice baby

Oh my god, I'm going to Iceland.

I have no idea what it's like, or what I'm going to pack with a city that gets no sunlight, but if that just means going to see a few shows at Iceland Airwaves, wearing two fur coats on top of each other and jumping in some sort of hot springs afterwards, I'm so down. Mostly for the two fur coats on top of each other thing, because any excuse to buy more SmartWool camping socks and to wear mink hats out of need is something I'm about ten thousand times more interested in than trying on new pairs of skinny jeans or looking at my ass in Lululemon's torturous dressing room mirrors. But, regardless of thick socks and winter pants, I'm going to spend all of few leftover dollars on herring and skyr and teeny tiny foreign toys and I cannot, cannot, cannot wait.

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