Friday, August 17

Shore Thang

WeEeEeEe-OoOoO! WeEeEeEeEe-OoOoOo! Just wanted to alert the world that in addition to the places that garner me the ability to work from a table pantless all afternoon, I began contributing to earlier this week, and will be continuing to do so until they get sick of editing my heavy-hyphenated writing style.

Snooki shared my first post on her Facebook page, which got over 14,000 likes. OVER FOURTEEN THOUSAND LIKES. I once got, like, fifteen and was completely floored. Granted, a photo of her shoes got nearly 57,000 BUT STILL. Absolute craziness, and also instantly the most well-received article I've ever written in my entire life.

If you really think about it, I essentially now have to watch TV for work, which is like, ice cream tester-levels of insanity. Ooh, do you think this means I can buy all of Lauren Conrad's novels and Heidi's album and Snooki's cushy slippers and write it off for tax purposes?! This could very well be the most fiscally responsible decision I've made in weeks.

Anywho, enjoy the irony of me now writing about a show called "Awkward" as part of my job, and pick up your hand to go scroll through newz over at the Remote Control blog. I'd say more, but I can't stop sneezing all of the sudden.

1 comment:

Diya Liu said...

this is so cool! congrats. :)

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