Thursday, August 30

Welcome Back Kotter, Or Wisel, Or Whatever Can I Nap Now?

Oh, hello!

No, the stink of my dead body is not seeping into the hallways, terrifying neighbors to the point of calling 311 to have someone come give me a proper Jewish burial and have a loved one provide an official sign off on my blog so no one has to find out I choked and died on a peanut from Facebook profile livegraves. I'm simply been the busiest ever, quite possibly of all time, foreverist busiest this past week, and have been off the radar doing things like writing about Snooki, writing about Disney stars, writing about fashion designers, writing about music videos, and writing about anything that offers currency that I can exchange for a second course at my boyfriend's early birthday dinner this evening.

I'm running on twigs and fistfuls of wheatberries and formerly, a half pound sack of salted peanuts (wolfed it, donzo), so if you need me, I'll be here, re-energizing my body Matrix style through glazed-over eyes staring at a computer screen instead of a tube coming out the back of my noggin.

Oh, and if you do smell something seeping out of the doorframe, it's just the basil ice cream experiment I tried in the wee hours of the night a few days back and have not yet had time to clean up from.

Time for more coffee.

Forever yours on this adult version of Finals Week,


JoHaN JY said...

Hey I'm sorry out of subjects I want to ask you how you linked the google apps site to blogger Bcoz I'm haveing the same problem you had , I saw it in google groups , plz help

Carlye Wisel said...

Do you want to give me your email? I'll send you a copy of everything they told me to do.


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